Automotive Maintenance And Detailing


Automotive Maintenance And Detailing

Why Would You Choose Car Wash Mitt ?

Car wash mitt for car detailing is normally used more than a sponge.   It is because of its material made from microfiber.   As we said in the previous car washing section, microfiber clothes have very good properties for wash and wipe on car surface.   It will not damage paint and not caused of scratches, cobwebs or swirls. 

It does not has much different kind of materials.   They are merino wool, microfiber, noodle microfiber wash mitt.   They design most of them as glove shape and elastic rubber  grab to hand wrist, make it easy to wear but difficult to loose out.

Specific characteristic of it made from microfiber is absorb large volume of water, lift dust and particles from material surface.    We recommend you use 2 bucket method as it would minimize chance of collecting more dirt inside the mitt and cause of new marks on paintwork.   

Here is our recommendation of car wash mitt

1. Premium Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt & AmazonBasics Car Wash Mitt

This is more valuable than others as it is double-sided and 80/20 of ratio chenille microfiber, made to soak up much more soap and water. Supreme quality, It is not left swirls or scratches on your car’s paintwork. Besides of car, its multi-purpose functionality makes it can be used with household appliances also.
Our research found the good and bad of this wash mitt. Most of the customers agreed to its good quality of washing, soaking without leaving defect to the car body. However, the wash mitt its self has some quality concerned like the hole at the seam, some blue lint left out. Even, the size which needs the big hand guys to check before buying it. It may not big enough for them.


We Like:

 – Length is 11″ X width is 6″, fit many sizes of hands

 – Need not bleed or wash before use

 – Easily manipulate the mitt with your hand and fingers to conform to the surface of the car.

 – No car scents and no soap embedded

We Dislike:

 – Sometimes stitching is ripped
– The wristband comes apart when using several times
– No microfiber strands covering the area of side stitching.

This product is available at Amazon. Click below link to visit store near you.

2. Chemical Guys MIC_493 Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt, Lime Green

Chemical Guys is another well-known product for car detailing. The professional detailing has this brand on their shelves. Chemical Guys wash mitt is made of soft material, good properties of no scratching or swirl on the car paintwork. Moreover, it has good water absorbent. This wash mitt has a design for use with a large area. With the bigger size 12 x 8 inches, you can wash your car hood, roof panel within a few passes over. However, there is a bad side 0f good, customers complained about the heavyweight when it absorbs water. It makes it hard to move your hand over the car surfaces.

The maker claims the good quality of sewing the material which we agreed with that. The wash mitt has double stitch, look strong enough to push and pull your hand in and out several times. The wrist band is a good holding hand quality, firm and tight.

car,Microfiber, Premium, Scratch,Free, Wash, Mitt

Nevertheless, we do not expect it is the best wash mitt in the market, but at this price point, most customers love to buy it. You can’t expect to get the last long wash mitt from any brands. This Chemical Guys is just another one that you can use several times with your new and old car without worry about scratching paint.

However, it would have a limited life and you need to buy a new one soon. Choose the right one which matches to your hand and your car. Lastly, this wash mitt has color-coded, green blue and black, for the different vehicle.

We Like:

 – Length is 12″ X width is 8″, fit many sizes of hands

 – Its large size can cover a large  surface area

 –  Not leave a scratch or swirl

 – Reasonable price

We Dislike:

 – Sometime stitching is ripped

 –  Big size absorbing more water and heavy

This product is available at Amazon. Click below link to visit store near you.

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