Automotive Maintenance And Detailing


Automotive Maintenance And Detailing

Cabin Air Filter

Most of the car today has one important part for protecting air pollution come into the car.    It is a cabin air filter, or pollen filter, whatever you call.   This filter has main purpose to filter dust, pollen, smell in the air outside your car.       People who suffer from allergies, asthma may affect directly from dirty air.   

Today’s car manufacturers installs the air conditioning filter inside their cars.   In the guarantee period, a mechanic guy will replace new filters in the specified period.    It may be every 10,000 – 15,000 miles.     However, after the warranty, the car owner may have to inspect and change by themselves.     We will explain the important things such as the signs of bad filter,  location of the filter, removal and installation.

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How will you know it is time to replace new filter?.

There are many signs that may show that we should change the old filter for example bad smell, foul when you start engine and turn on the air conditioner.   The airflow from the air vent is significantly lighter than normal.   If you find these problems, it means that surface of the cabin air filter now full or clog with dust.  Accumulation of dust on paper filter will block air from outside the car.   In the meantime, it causes of bad smell on filter.    Then, if you can remember last time when you change it and sure that it is already excess replacing period.  You should replace the new one as soon as possible.

Where is the filter in your car?.

Most new car has installation inside passenger room.   Some old car from 90’s or 20’s may install inside engine bay or near with wiper blade unit .   We will explain for the car with filter insides passenger room.     Where is it?  question which needed an answer.     Many cars brand today design their car to easy to do maintenance by the owner.   Cabin filter will keep under dashboard or in the glove box, mostly.     Another type will install under dashboard or front area of gear shifter console.  The air conditioner is installed here.  The filter is place in between air blower and cool air evaporator unit.  However, in case of an old car which has an air filter in engine bay.   The filter will install in front of blower.   This is good for air blower and all conditioner units inside passenger room because it guarantee the cleanness.  

How to remove air filter in your car?.

As we said, it has a simple design.  You can find by yourselves in the gloves box or under dashboard.    The easiest way is check the car owner manual.  They would always instruct how to replace the filter.    You may need to prepare a screw driver.  The air filter box has a plastic cover tighten with screws or just the plastic clips.   Remove the cover and take the filter out slowly.  This is to prevent dust fall inside or fall to evaporator.

air, cabin, filter, pollen, removal, install, car, fresh, gloves, box
The instrcution of how to remove air filter located in the gloves box.

Before replace new filter, you may use vacuum machine to clean inside filter compartment.    And if you want to get fresh smell, spray a/c foam cleaner or air refresher to inside.   Leave it about 5 minutes then use water spray bottle fill with clean water to spray and drain foam out under the car.    You don’t have to worry of water because every a/c unit has water drainage hose.   Normally,  water of air condition unit will drain out during you turn on a/c switch.   It is the same water you see under the car  when you keep engine run with air condition unit turned on.

avaporator, cool, air, condensor, filter, cabin, pollen, foam, cleaner
Cleaning cool evaporator using foam cleaner
Cleaned cool evaporator

How to install in your car?.

The installation is look like easy, just revert removal procedure.  Is it right?.   Yes, it is but you would have to follow this instruction as it is the instruction of most of filter maker.

New air filter has one direction to install.   The air will not flow smoothly if you turn filter wrong side.   The side of filter has arrow shows direction of air flow as in below the picture.   It needs to insert filter by keep arrow head to inside passenger room.   Arrow out to front of the car is incorrect insertion. 

cabin, filter, car, pollen, air, fresh, charcoal, carbon
Insert filter by the direction of arrow.

Types of filter

Normally, there are two types of the air filter. One is a standard filter, this filter comes up with white filter paper as its main material. The other one is charcoal or carbon air filter. It has a more dark color and more weight. The first one can trap dust, pollen and has a cheaper price. The second one adds carbon to trap the bad smell of exhaust and air pollutions on the road better than the 1st one. Of course, it is more expensive but not too much but better for the car to get more inlet air fresh.

cahrcoal, air, cabin, filter, exhaust, pollen, dust, smell,
Charcoal air filter
car, air, cabin, filter, pollen, dust, smoke, exhaust
Standard air filter

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