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Automotive Maintenance And Detailing

Engine Coolant For Vehicle

How is Car Engine Coolant Important?.

Car engine coolant is one of the most important parts of all vehicles, no matter economy, luxury, sports car, truck, ship, plane or the engine of the construction machine. The main components of the cooling system are engine, radiator, fan, water pump, coolant or water. The engine runs cause of excessively high temperature from internal combustion. The car radiator then takes care as of temperature reducer via its coolant. If you can see inside the engine, the moving pistons can heat the temperature over 1,000-degrees celsius.

Through the engine’s water pump, coolant will bring out the high temperature around pistons and all engine blocks to the radiator. The radiator and its components like the radiator cap, thermostat and fan would control the proper temperature range set for that car. The temperature of coolant reduced by electric fan installs in front or back of the radiator. The modern cars, its coolant temperature will vary the radiator fan speed. The thermostat regulates the proper speed of water flow under control of car’s ECU, in case your car uses electronic thermostat. The pressurized radiator cap is the one important part that works together in the cooling system. The cap will raise up when the coolant reaches its boiling point. 97 – 110-degree celsius is a normal temperature range for most of the cars’ cooling systems.


What is the Coolant mixture?.

The coolant has the specific properties of keeping cool temperature and antifreeze at the same time. It is a mixture of some chemicals, like ethylene-glycol and water. 30: 70 or 50: 50 mixture of ethylene glycol and water is the ratio that most mechanic guys use for the car. 30% mixing coolant will reduce the freezing temperature of its coolant to minus 10 – 15-degree Celsius.   50% will reduce to minus 30 – 35-degree celsius. With this ratio, coolant with antifreeze will also help to raise the boiling point over a pure-water solution which protects the engine from overheating in the warmer months.

On the other hand, a 50:50 ratio would reduce the performance of heat transfer out of the cooling system. It because of 50% of the mixture, ethylene-glycol has only 20-25% heat capacity less than water. Then it will allow only 70-80% of the heat of engine transferred to outside. This is good for the car owner who lives in the cold area. However, the others who live in a more hot area or tropical zone may need to consult the mechanic guy of your car brand before choosing a proper coolant for your car’s engine.

Coolant with antifreeze has other lubricant chemicals to protect water pump components.   It is consisted of gasket, rubber seal and prevent corrosion of the internal engine parts, radiator pipe and other metals including aluminum, copper, cast iron, steel, magnesium & solder.

Is it environment friendly?.

Many manufacturers produce the coolant with chemicals like ethylene glycol for a long time. This agent is harmful to humans, pets and wildlife. Then today some manufacturers have developed and change their product from ethylene-glycol to propylene glycol which has less toxic. Propylene glycol comes in both an industrial form and a pharmaceutical form. They use it in many consumer products including hair conditioners, cosmetics, and many over-the-counter medications.

How often should we change Car Engine Coolant?.

The engine coolant has a different lifespan. Different car brands will have different replacement periods. Some say that we should change it every 30,000 – 50,000 miles, even up to 100,000 miles. You will need to check your car owner manual for sure.  As described above, the coolant has lubricating and protection properties to all concern parts, not only cool the engine. Its long lifespan would be a direct cause of losing its corrosion protection, antifreeze, and lubricating conductivity. it is because of coolant can become acid after a long run. Acid, as you know, will destroy radiator hoses, radiator metal part, water pump and its rubber seal, thermostat and cap.

You can check by yourselves if the coolant is still good or no, by opening the radiator cap (when engine cool) to see rust inside the radiator. If your car radiator does not have the cap, you can check from the plastic coolant expansion reservoir to see if there is the darker color and debris of rust in the coolant or not.  

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Car Engine Coolant Level

Besides, you should check the water level in the reservoir to the level.   It should not lower than the minimum or higher than the maximum level.  You should do this once a month at least.   If you find a lower level than the minimum point and sees colored water on the ground under the car or some sign of water leak in the engine bay, it may be something wrong with the cooling system.   It may leakage at hoses, radiator body, radiator cap and valve or even from the water pump installed in the engine. You need to bring your car checked by the technician as soon as possible.       

However, if your car needs to top off the new coolant before seeing him, you can fill the radiator with tap or drinking water.     These kinds of water, normally is not suggested to use with a cooling system as it has several minerals which useful for our body but not for the car.   The minerals in water can cause of rust and corrosion, that’s why all the engine coolant has demineralized and antifreeze properties.  Anyway, you can fill distilled water into the radiator, it will not cause of rusty parts and normally they use distilled water as coolant mixture.

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Minimum level of a car coolant

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