Automotive Maintenance And Detailing


Automotive Maintenance And Detailing

What are car Suspension parts ?.

Automobile suspension is an essential component that every vehicle must-have. Unlike Henry Ford’s first cars, the cars you drive or ride in are smooth, because different car manufacturers have been competing to develop suspension systems for a long time.

Today’s vehicles have soft suspension then you can take a nap on the go. We won’t go into much technical detail in this article. We will explain to you what a car suspension consists of and how you can maintain it for a safe ride for you and your passengers.


The suspension of the car assembles at the front and rear. There are several purposes.

  1. It is a system that reduces vibrations from the road surface through the wheels up to the cabin where you sit.
  2. The system that gives the car better handling while you accelerate, brake, turn, and drive on uneven roads.
  3. It helps the vehicle to support high horsepower engine power while maintaining the best driving stability.

The picture shown is a variation of the suspension for a particular brand of car, but it becomes one used by most cars. You can see that the front and rear suspension are made up of different parts to work together flawlessly. These parts are fitted to the vehicle frame appropriately according to the design of each vehicle brand.  Most of the necessary components that help absorb road shocks are shock absorbers, springs, swingarms, etc.

The front suspension has parts that are somewhat more complex than the rear wheels because, besides the drive system (for front-wheel drive), it also has a steering system.

The steering has a direct effect on the stability of the vehicle. If the system fails by bad parts, it may result in you losing control of the car. And just like any other part that makes up the front suspension, if the shock absorber, spring or bushing is damaged, such as torn apart, it will affect driving as well.

The rear suspension is much easier than the front wheels because it doesn’t have steering. It’s the only suspension that’s responsible for absorbing vibrations and preventing squat when you accelerate. However, you need to keep checking and maintenance on time.

Front suspension
Rear suspension

What do car Suspension parts you need to check?.

As described, many parts make up the suspension for both the front and rear wheels. These parts wear out over time and the distance you use the vehicle. So let’s take a look at what parts you need to take care of.

The parts list that you should check is as follows.

1. Strut or shock absorber If this part is damaged, the oil may leak from the shock absorber. You can do the test by pressing the weight on each wheel and releasing your hand. If the shock bounced more than once, the part is damaged.

2. Mount strut The strut on the front wheel has a bearing attached to the upper part to make the strut follow the turn when you turn the steering wheel. You can check by turning and listening to the sound. If there is a loud noise while spinning, the bearing may be damaged and needs to replace.

3. Bushing parts such as swingarm, stabilizer bar, steering rack, and so on. There is a rubber pivot point as a component to reduce vibration and noise. If these tires are broke, it will cause the joints to become loose, affect the handling of the car, and, most importantly, the clunking noise. You should inspect these parts for tear marks. Some bushings have grease inside. You will see grease leaking if the cover is broke.

Strut mounts
Bushing parts

4. Coil Springs The coil springs are installed both at the struts of the front wheel. And co-exists with the shock on the rear wheel in most cases, springs will last a long time, and you may not need to replace them throughout the life of your vehicle. But in some cases, some brands of cars use low-quality materials, and the springs may break while driving. Therefore, you should always check the condition, especially those who use the car on the salt road which causes rust parts

5. Steering system It is the simplest but safest designed piece. You should check the bushing on the rack end and the rubber cover of the rack joint for torn or not. Because it can cause the steering to become unstable

Coil spring

When should you check the car suspension parts?.

If you buy a new car, the technician will inspect the condition according to the distance maintenance plan and replace the parts for the warranty period. But if your vehicle is out of warranty, or you bought a used car, you need to do some preliminary checks to make it safe to use at all times.

Some parts can replace with home tools, or you can see a technician arrange them.


Generally, the vehicle suspension parts wear out when it reaches 70,000 miles or approximately 110,000 k.m. before or after depending on the driving conditions and the road surface in which the vehicle is normally driven.

If you are a slow and smooth driver, the road surface in the city is not rough or offroad, more likely to delay problems with the suspension. But as opposed to aggressive driving or off-road, the suspension may deteriorate prematurely, requiring you to check more frequently for your safety.


Most of the cars available in the market have both OEM and aftermarket parts. Of course, the quality is quite different.

Therefore, you should choose parts based on price and quality. Some parts are cheap, but may not last as long as the original. OEM parts are, therefore, the best choice when you focus on driving safety, as they meet vehicle manufacturers’ standards.


In summary, a vehicle’s suspension is essential for the driving system, which shouldn’t overlook it or leave it to the technician to do the inspection alone.

You should at least have a basic understanding of how the system works to catch any malfunctions before they can cause damage. And more importantly, if you detect a breakdown early, the problem may not escalate, causing damage to other parts savings in your maintenance costs.

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