Automotive Maintenance And Detailing


Automotive Maintenance And Detailing

Car Detailing

What is car washing and car detailing ?

Many people may be getting confused with the terms of CAR WASHING and CAR DETAILING.   CAR WASHING is something like you driving around and get back home with some dirt like a ton of mud, sand or snow on the wheels, thousand of insect on windshield and headlights, grease on the front hood, car body or wheel arch.    In this case, you may wash by rinsing and use some kind of shampoo then wipe out with dry towel.    Otherwise, you may spend less effort by washing with a car washing machine which is very fast and easy but no guarantee of 100% perfect clean or no damage to the car paint.

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On the other hand, CAR DETAILING is more complicated because it is the act of performing thorough cleaning both exterior and interior by washing, polishing  even restoration (of paint, trim, rubber, etc).    It needs many applicators for this job, including with carpet brushing, water vacuum, steaming to recondition carpet, leather, vinyl and fabric seat, dashboard, steering wheel, trims, and all dirty parts then finish with applying a different kinds of interior cleaning agents.

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