Automotive Maintenance And Detailing


Automotive Maintenance And Detailing

Car Washing

Car detailing always starting with washing then there are steps after that like prepping, polishing, protecting. Washing is the very first step everyone needs to do. Some people may think it is very easy to wash their car, no special or technical method but with incorrect washing, they could even damage car paintwork or sealant. It is because in this step you will have to remove unwanted substances and particles from the body surface. You need to know how to wash correctly and what is the right equipment.

What are the car cleaning products you need? Before starting a wash job, you would prepare some necessary equipment and this is the list.

  –  Buckets (we suggest 2 at least)
  –  Wash mitt or sponge
  –  Car shampoo or soap
  –  Wheel brush, wheel cleaner
  –  Clean water
car washing tools
Car Wash Procedure

Tires are always the dirtiest part of the car. Accumulation of dirt could cause many problems to your car, not only tire thread but suspension also. A lot of drivers have to spend money to replace rusty suspension parts especially when they drive on the road salt in winter and do not often clean their car. They will face a worse situation soon.

How to

Removal of the wheel would be better, if you can, to clean tire, rim and wheel arch thoroughly. Pour water then spray all-purpose cleaner overtires and arch. The hard haired brush is always a good choice for this then clean with a water sprayer to loosen up the dirt. Make sure that all dirt removed, if not, you can repeat cleaning and brushing again then rinse with running water. Leave it dry for an hour and apply with any tire dressing product.

clean tire

Dirty car covered with grime and dirt. Large pieces of the particle should be removed from the protective layer before you foam car whatever hand foam or snow foam using a pressure washer with a foam lance. 2 bucket method should be used in this step. It is the way of loosing dirt on wash mitt or sponge by rinsing it in the 2nd bucket filled up with plain water. This will reduce dirt on wash mitt or sponge and of course, it reduces the risk of paint damage.

car wash

Snow Foam

Snow foam is the way of loose up dirt remained from a pre-wash step. Cleaning foam work together with foam lance and pressure washer, sprayed on the car then left dwell for 5 – 10 minutes at least then rinse it off. Most of the foam has its special chemical formula to loosen up dirt and particle when you rinse with water. This will decrease the chance to have the physical touch to the car paint layer, cause of scratches or swirls. However, you can use wash mitt in this step. You should follow the instruction of how much ratio to mix shampoo or foam you are using from manufacturer instruction. it is because of some kinds that have a strong chemical formula, enough to damage car paint. 

car snow foam

Dry Car with Microfiber Towel

A microfiber towel is commonly used to dry the car. You may use an old soft t-shirt but a microfiber towel is very good to absorb water, moreover, it is a kind of soft fabric, not easy to make a swirl on paintwork.   

You can dry the car with a microfiber towel by lay on a surface like on roof, door, front hood then drags it over. This way will save a lot of your time. Otherwise, you can lay on the surface and leave it to absorb water up but take more time. 

microfiber towel

These are a few simple steps of the car wash. You could do this once or twice a week or a couple of weeks. However, we suggest doing more advance car polishing every 3 months with the next process.

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