Tire Pressure

How important is the tire pressure?.

Tires are one of the most important part of the car. It carries the weight of the entire vehicle taken down the road and absorbs vibrations from different road surfaces to the car.  Good or bad handling of the car depends on tire condition, too.   Correct tire pressure is therefore very important.    If it is too high or too low could cause of unsafe driving.

If over inflating the tire, it will cause of wear at center section of the tires. The tire will only partially touch the road surface. The edges of the tire is less worn because it does not touch the road throughout the tire surface.  And vice versa, if under inflated tire will cause the center of the tire not being able to touch the road.    Therefore, causing the tire to wear out only on the edge of the tire.   In addition, besides of more fuel consumption, under inflating the tire will cause the sidewall to move up and down more than usual.    It may cause the tire to heat up and explode if running at high speed.

It is very important that you must keep tires air pressure at the proper spec as advised by car or tire maker. 

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How to check your car tire pressure?.

The car owner manual  shows how much tire air pressure used on your car model,  in PSI, kPa  or BAR unit.   You also can check easily at sticker on the doorjamb, mostly at driver side like in the below picture.  It shows pressure units both when the car has a normal load or full load with the passengers.

You should check when tires are in cold temperature, for example, before drive in the morning or after park your car at least 3 hours.  You will get incorrect or high pressure than actual if checking when tires are still hot.     Pressure air in car tire will vary by ambient temperature, 1 psi per 10 degree F, plus and minus.

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Sticker on doorjamb shows tire pressure

Normally, the driver or car owner should check it once a month at least or before take a trip.      They can use tire pressure gauges sold at department stores or car accessories stores. There are many types of pressure gauges, either pencil gaugedial gauge or digital tire gauge, otherwise you can check and inflate with an automatic air inflator at a gas station.    However, it is recommended to buy one for your car.   This gauge is more accuracy and more durable.   If unnecessary, it should not bring your car to check and inflate from the gas station, which the gauge may not function 100% correct.

what is tire pressure monitor system or tPMS?.

At the moment car makers install TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring System in their cars, especially in U.S.A. .   TPMS is the electronics devices installed both inside the rims and wheel’s air valve caps.  The pressure sensor of each wheel will transmit signal to car computer and show on the car cluster display anytime the driver wants to check and it will automatically alert, as well.   The pressure units are PSI, kPa or BAR.   The driver or car owner who live in other countries where they do not have the law like U.S.A.,  might buy TPMS and install separately.  There are several  TPMS devices selling online.  It is very easy to install, just remove wheel valve cap and replace with sensors.   Driver then can monitor air pressure via mobile phone or its own device display.    

It is very useful and make you safe driving no matter where you go, in the city or take a long trip.

is it necessary to have tire inflator and sealant in your car?.

Some car brand provides you the run flat tires.   You can drive further than 100 miles if tire blown up.   It normally comes with the luxury car like BMW, BENZ, not for an economy car.   In the emergency case, your car tire flatted during the drive to work or take a trip and does not have a spare tire.  It may be a problem from screw, nail, or sharp piece of metal on the road.  You could fix this as temporary before drive to a tire shop.   Tire inflator kit is useful for this situation.  You can fill tire sealant simultaneously with the pumping air.   The sealant will fill a leak and you can drive for several miles to find a tire shop to fix it permanently or change a new tire.   

Most driver always drive safely, but they can’t predict what will happen on the road.   No one want to pay cost of tow truck which more expensive than a Tire inflator kit.

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