Automotive Maintenance And Detailing


Automotive Maintenance And Detailing

What is the windshield of the car ?.

The windshield is an essential component that protects passengers from wind, rain, snow, objects, insects. Today’s cars are very different from the original that started a hundred years ago. Early cars had an open cabin and a small windshield on the front with a heated canvas roof. As it developed to have more traveling speed, a safer car cabin designed, and windows installed around the car.


In the early years of the car glass, when broken, there is a danger of sharp glass fragments. Shattered glasses are edged and can be life-threatening. Many car users in the past died from stabbing their bodies in accidents.


As a result, carmakers have developed both windshields and windows around the vehicle to minimize the danger to passengers. Today’s car mirrors are safer to use and have more strength. Because not only has the function of protecting the passengers from the dangerous things outside the car, it can also use to strengthen the car’s structure.

How many types of windshields?

Windshields and windows around the car have production processes in different ways. The result is a difference in functionality and protection of passengers from the dangers of broken when it breaks.

1.The front and rear windshields are manufacturing using two layers of glass sheet sandwiched together with a plastic panel inserted in the center. It is called a laminated safety glass.

This laminate safety glass will not shatter when the vehicle has an accident. The plastic filling will hold the glass fragments to it, no more of the blowing at the driver and passengers. Besides, the broken glass is not sharp enough to cause death.

The laminated glass will hold the pieces of glass when it cracks

2.Car door window is made of tempered glass. The windows of the car doors are produced differently from the windshields. You’ve probably seen a window glass that crumbles when forcefully smashed. That is because the window is manufacturing with thermal and chemical control in the manufacturing process. What you get is that they are stronger than the ordinary window. You can call it safety glass as well.

This tempered glass has high strength. The thickness is even thicker and safer. Many luxury cars have designed the windows to have more thicknesses than ordinary window glass, and the strong windows, the more safety of the passenger compartment from collisions or overturning.

The tempered glass of car side windows

Can you fix broken windshields?

Currently, You can repair a slight crack of windshields.  The windshield is the part in front of vehicles that easily affected by flying materials, such as stone chips from the wheels of other cars running in front of you. The surface may break into small cracks or holes that do not obscure the driver’s visibility much.  This crack can repair with a crack binder.

If you leave the broken glass not repaired, it may expand further in the future.

You can purchase a crack windshield repair kit to fix it by yourself or take your car to a windshield repair technician. Dripping liquid into the crack will cause the cracked glasses to bonded together, then use a razor blade to smooth its surface. You will not see the fractures once the repair is complete.

Repairing windshield by a professional

The cost of repairs is very cheap, only a few tens of dollars for a glass crack sealant. You may pay a little more if you take your car to a professional.

In case the breakage is severe, such as large and long cracks or many pellet cracks on the glass surface.  You have to consider replacing the new windshield as the most appropriate choice. Most technicians will recommend that you change the windshield as this will ensure driving safety.

Windshields that are certified by vehicle manufacturers will be of higher quality standards than purchasing aftermarket products because they may not be of the same quality as the original. In addition, substandard manufacturing quality can distort the visibility of the windshield.

Is it possible to use a film to prevent the windshield from cracking?

Most of the car side windows break into granules and fall off the ground or in the passenger compartment. Although it is not lethal sharp, it can cut the skin and body of passengers, so the car windows film helps prevent the broken from entering the passenger compartment.

Window tint films are popular with car users around the world, especially in areas exposed to the sun for a long time and hot weather.

Choosing a film also includes different features that the film should have as follows.

     How many percentages of heat reduction?

     How many percent of UV rays can be filtered?

     What percentage of light can reflect?

     What percentage of light can pass through?


Most tint films have standard references from different institutions.

      ASTM (American Standard Test Method

     ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)

     AIMCAL (Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators)

Mostly, people choose a car window film by looking at the intensity of the light that is allowed to pass through it in percentage units such as 40,50,60 percent, etc.

Each country may have a law that requires car owners to have a film that does not exceed a certain percentage of brightness.

However, all types of window films can adhere to the broken. Without a doubt, you can install the film to reduce the severity of the passengers from accidents.


How should we take care of the windshield?

The definition of an accident is an unexpected incident. Therefore, you may not be able to keep things from bumping into your windshield all the time while driving on the road. The accidental glass breakage was inevitable at that time.


However, you or someone else can break your windshield without adequate precautions. For example, reckless driving leads to bumping into automatic barriers of building entrances and exits, removing and inserting rear windows to install window tint. Placing large and heavy objects on the dashboard can cause the windshield to crack if you brake hard.


Using broken or worn wiper blades with only a steel arm can also cause damage. The steel mounting arm of the wiper blade will scratch the glass surface. You have to replace the wiper blades as soon as you find them torn.


A front windshield with snow-melted wire embedded in the middle layer of the windshields can cause it to break if you leave the defogging system turned on at high temperatures. Spraying cold water or entering an automatic car wash will cause the windshield to shrink suddenly and cause it to break. Especially cars that do not have an automated windshield heating deactivation system.


As you can see, broken windshields and windows aren’t necessarily the cause of a collision. The user’s misuse of the vehicle is also another reason for them to break. So what should be avoided, if possible, is to drive safely without collision, avoid solid objects hitting the windows, and prevent temperature differences between inside and outside them.


The windshield is indispensable. Everyone will immediately take the car to replace the new one when it breaks.  The windshield is essential to the safety of people in vehicles, cars, planes, boats, and even motorcycles.


You must be attentive and enthusiastic. Immediately fix cracked windshields because the damaging glass may break while driving on the road. It will obscure visibility and possibly cause an accident.


Car insurance companies often do not deny claims to replace the glass because they are cheap. So replacing it seems the best option compared to repair.


Finally, I hope you pay more attention to your windshield than before you read this article. Hurry out and check the windshields and windows around your car now.

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