Automotive Maintenance And Detailing


Automotive Maintenance And Detailing

Windscreen Washer Fluid

All vehicles with front and rear windscreen always have a windshield washer fluid system. It is useful when you drive the car on the road and has bugs, mud, stubborn dirt, traffic film on the windshield or front headlight. Windshield washer and rubber wiper blade work together to make driving visibility more clear.

Every car has a washer fluid tank installed in the engine compartment or the rear on some car model. Every car’s owner manual instructs that driver must always check and refill washer water or fluid. That is to make sure that you can use the windscreen washer anytime you want while driving on the road. You may not want to stop at a gas station to refill it, right?.

How is the washer system works? It is so simple to push or pull the washer stalk on your steering wheel, turn on a small electric motor installs under the washer fluid reservoir. It would pump the water through the rubber hoses to windshield spray nozzles on the bonnet or rear hatch door simultaneously with rubber wiper arm working to eliminate specks of dirt on your car windscreen.  

Some car models may have a washer nozzle on the wiper arm instead of the bonnet. Car with a rear hatch which has long hosed from front to rear of the car windscreen, the driver should always check with washer stalk, to ensure that water filled up in the hose. It will help the rear windscreen to have water spread of the nozzle immediately while the wiper arms working.



what kind of fluid should we use?.

Washer fluid can be tap water, mix with some household cleaning agent till washer fluid produced for the vehicle. It is not the same as the coolant in the car radiator that we should not fill with tap water as it could cause corrosion to the parts in the long run.  

You can use tap water as the windshield fluid even it may not have efficiency enough to eliminate the bug, mud, or stubborn dirt on it. It will be a problem of freezing when you use a car in cold weather also. 

Washer fluid has the particular formula solutions to get rid of quickly the stubborn dirt, bird dropping, and antifreeze on a car windscreen. 

Methanol alcohol is an important one of its formula. Besides flammable, it is well-known as a dangerous chemical solution to humans, wildlife, and the environment. Washer fluid manufactured more than a billion liter per year around the world.  

Its poison causes environment contamination and illness in people when they swallow, such as dizzy, vomiting, sleepy even cause of death. That’s why European countries banned Methyl alcohol in washer fluid over ten years ago.    


How to Check washer fluid

Most vehicle today has a sensor to check water level installed at beneath of washer fluid reservoir. The sensor will trigger a light or alarm signal on the driver cluster display. That is helpful if a light shows up when you are not driving, then you should check it once a month even you are not using the washer during the past weeks. The fluid may have a hose leak, or you forget to recap the reservoir.

Some washer fluid solution could cause to clog at the water spray nozzle. The best solution is un-clogged by using a needle or small pin like in this video.

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