Automotive Maintenance And Detailing


Automotive Maintenance And Detailing

Here is our recommendation of rubber wiper blade

1. MOTIUM OEM QUALITY Premium Wiper Blade

As mention at the rubber wiper blade guide, the spoiler type is one of modern design wiper blade for this day car.   MOTIUM is a wiper blade we can use with several car brands and models.   The blade component has aerodynamic shape.  The advantage is down force to the front windshield, In addition, it wipes clean and smear free.

The J hook arm type makes it use universal with car models.  We just slide the old one off then slide this wiper into the wiper arm with ease.   One thing you should be aware, there is a plastic blade protector on the rubber edge, don’t forget to remove before using otherwise you will see a streak on the windshield. 

You can use this wiper blade at a very distinct temperature, from very cold to extremely hot zone.   Its working temperature is   +158F to -40F or +70C to -40C.  Hence you do not need to worry about durability anyway as in our guide you should have to clean it regularly.  Once a month is a good period.  Clean rubber blade helps a lot to give you more clear visibility on the rainy or snowy day.

We Like:

 –  J hook type make it easy to remove and install

 – Rubber blade edge cutting is precisely

 – Durable even at high temperature

 – Quiet glide across the windshield

We Dislike:

 – There is no mechanism or nib on it to release air out of the tire

 – Its lightweight gives a feeling of non-durable

 – Stick and then skip across the windscreen some times

This product is available at Amazon. Click below link to visit store near you.

2. Bosch ICON Wiper Blade

Most driver in Europe know well about the Bosch brand products.  They produce and sell the quality wiper blade for several car models from economy car to premium car.  We used to test their wiper blade before and know this is another one of their quality wiper blade. It is more expensive too.   However, they claim more durability up to 40% than other premium wiper blades.  

The wiper blade has hook adapter made of high quality plastic.  This helps it inserts to the wiper arm more stable.   It has a design of spoiler as same as other modern wiper blades.   Down force will make the blade hold the windshield better at high speed.

Because of Bosch wiper blade is one of the most selling in European countries which have cold weather.   For this reason, they have produced the rubber wiper blade with special formula.    Guarantee the durability and reliability of using.   Hence, we can use the blade in the extreme weather, no matter at low or high temperature. 

We tested this blade on both rainy and snowy day, it works very.  No streaking or  chattering.   The visibility of the driver and passenger is so clear.


We Like:

 – It is well design

 – Special and well quality hook adapter, installed firmly

 – No streak or smear

We Dislike:

 –   A little too high price

 –  It does not wipe clean 100% on the high curve windscreen of some car models.

This product is available at Amazon. Click below link to visit store near you.

3. The Bosch Conventional Wiper Blade

The conventional wiper blade is used in many vehicles for a long time.  We can see this steel frame wiper blade on both car and truck.   It is still used for the new vehicle from the factory and for replacement of modern design blade, too.  Thus wiper blade makers are still keep this conventional blade in their production line.

This type of wiper blade has the metal tension spring as the main component.  No need spoiler shape to make down force, the springs are used for shaping and push the rubber blade to attach closely to the windscreen.   That’s make your windshield are clean and have clear visibility every time you turn on switch of  wiper balde.

Because of this blade made of metal, there is possibility to have rust or corrosion.  Then the production process has an exclusive zinc dichromate primer for corrosion resistance of all pieces.  We tested this kind of wiper in the long run, 3-4 year,  and no rust found on it.   Of course, the corrosion will start anytime if the metal has deep scratches into the primer.

We Like:

 – Well built , strong and high quality material

 – Easy installation

 – No noise or streak

 – Reasonable price when compare to its quality

We Dislike:

 – Rubber blade leaves  streaks after 12 months of use.

This product is available at Amazon. Click below link to visit store near you.

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Rubber Wiper Blade

 The car rubber wiper blade is another equipment that is important to the visibility of the driver. Lack of maintenance will affect the quality of the rubber that is the main component. Each round of replacing costs differ depending on the brand and type. If it is a well-known brand, pay a lot. And if it is a cheaper after-market product, it may not be durable in the long run.

rubber wiper blade

The production of a wiper blade for automobiles today uses modern production technology. The manufacturers have adjusted the formula of the chemical ingredient to produce appropriately. To get a quality product that is suitable for use in areas with different temperatures, such as minus to above 50 degrees Celsius or more.

The countries that have produced a lot of wipers are mostly in the Asian region. Southeast Asia countries are the world’s largest rubber tree plantation. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China are great of rubber plantations. It produces hundreds of millions of wipers each year. And these manufacturers sell their products to well-known wiper blade manufacturers in America and Europe.

thailand, indonesia, china, malaysia
South East Asian countries, rubber wood plantation area
para rubber plantation
Para [rubber] wood tree in Thailand, raw material of rubber wiper blade

Wiper Blade business

The most car which sells in the world uses the wiper blades made from Asia. The famous wiper blade manufacturers and sellers will buy only rubber pieces for assembling with the wiper arm frame. And therefore set a very worth selling price.

The selling price from Asian manufacturers is very low-priced, less than 30 cents per piece. European manufacturers have set up production plants in these countries to reduce the cost of producing their products and to compete with competitors.

Rubber wipers have many chemicals mixed in their production formula to make a rubber wiper, such as carbon black, sulfur, zinc, graphite. These chemical formulas make the wiper blades are durable to different operating conditions.

Other types of wipers, they are not made from rubber. It is a wiper blade made of silicone. The silicone wiper blade is of a different quality than a rubber wiper made from rubber. It is more durable and removes rainwater from the windshield better. Have a higher price because they produce it from synthetic rubber.

Size and Type

The wiper blades come in many sizes, measured in inches. Popular sizes for cars are 12 “, 14”, 16 “, 18″, up to 28”, or more for trucks, huge vehicles.

There are many types of wipers that depend on the use and the vehicle. Each design has the characteristics of the wiper structure differently, such as spoiler type. There are characteristics like spoilers to trap the air. It helps to give air pressure to the blade, allowing them to closer to the glass as much as possible.

Flat wiper shape is the most popular in new car models. It has a flat shape but with a robust internal steel structure. The exterior looks like a spoiler, increasing pressure on the windshield.


rubber wiper blade
Flat wiper blade with spoiler shape

  Standard or conventional wiper type, general use, this type has a steel structure, shaped like a hanger. It uses on regular vehicles. Easy operation. There is attached to the wiper rod of the car in the shape of a hook. Convenient to change by the car owner.

conventional steel wiper blade
Conventional wiper blade, generally used in most cars

Wiper blade refill, the rubber wiper blade is sold separately for use with the original brush frame. It allows car owners to reduce costs further. Replacing may be tough more than replacing the whole arm. It is because of having to remove the old blade and rubber wipers first, which requires tools such as pliers. Then put in new wiped rubber. However, changing like this may cause the frame to bent and do not create pressure on the windshield as usual. Therefore, it is best to change a whole new wiper blade.


 To clean the wiper blade, you should clean the wiper blade periodically, maybe once a month.
Because it installs outside the car, specks of dirt such as rain, insects, bird droppings will stick to the rubber. Dirt that sticks will make the rubber blade working ineffectively.
The method of cleaning is as follow
1. Prepare warm, clean, and soapy water to soak a piece of cloth.
2. Lift the wiper blade, then rub the cloth over the entire length of the rubber blade.
3. You should rub at least 2-3 times till it cleans.
4. Try to turn on the switch of the wiper blade to see if the rubber wipes the windscreen well, no streaks or dirt left on it.

When do we need to replace a new wiper blade?.

Regularly, the wiper blade will last 2-3 years, depending on the condition of use. Users should consider replacing a new wiper blade.

Check if the rubber is torn out or not. And wiping water out of the windshield is still good or not. If the blade cannot wipe out thoroughly even after cleaning, replace it.

Car steel wiper arm and blade In this picture, show its frame structure. There is a hook shape on the wiper arm. It just slides the wiper blade off and replaces it with a new one.


car, wiper, arm, blade, steel, rubber, hook, shape

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