Automotive Maintenance And Detailing


Automotive Maintenance And Detailing

Why Would You Choose Polishing Machine?.

The polishing machine is also include with its necessary parts such as polishing or buffing pad and plate. Pad and plate have several sizes starting from 3.5″ to 6″. You should always select a bigger polish pad than the plate for example 6″ pad, it should match with 5″-6″ plate.

Moreover, the pad comes up with different foam density. We recommend choosing it with a wide range from more coarseness to fineness. This will guarantee that you can manage several levels of the imperfection of paintwork in one time. The coarseness of the polishing pad is normally separated by color like green, red, black but there is no exact standardization.

Polishing pad maker has different color coding for their products so study the instruction before purchasing. Moreover, it has several materials used such as foam, wool, microfiber. The foam pad is commonly used by professional detailing guy or by you, the beginner will also get a good result from this kind of pad. Others have something more special for example wool pad. The wool pad gives more cutting effect and the better result, but it needs more caring to keep it in good condition.

Here is our recommendation of polishing machine

1. Chemical Guys BUF_209X Complete Detailing Kit & SPTA Mini Polishing Machine Rotary Polisher RO Polisher

The car polishers we suggest here are including with many helpful functions for beginner and professional.   Dual action and rotary type made from durable material and good ergonomic design, very comfortable to hold and maneuver.  Low-profile buffing head handle make it easy to work around tight curves. 

You can fully polish and detail a car without hurting your hands or exhausting all energy. The smart design of the dual action polishing mechanism spreads out the buffing heat over a larger area . 


 Rotary type comes up with small buffing heads.  It makes you can control more smaller polishing area of your car such as around door mirrors, roof racks, front grill, front bumper, door handle.      

Even though, we have caution in car polishing page about burning car paint from using rotary polisher but this product comes with coarse, medium to extra fine buffing foam pad.   This will significantly reduce the chance of burning effect.   It means that everyone can use these polisher whoever professional or beginner.

We Like:

 – Adjustable orbit speed

 – Remove swirls very quickly

 – Easy to use

 – Worth for money

We Dislike:

 – A little bit noisy, you may want ear protection

 – Speed controller is not located in a good place, not quite easy to operate.

This product is available at Amazon. Click below link to visit store near you.

2.   PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Polisher, 6-Inch (7424XP)

The Porter-Cable, is a well-known detailing tool for a long time. They have launched a much good quality product to the market. This electric polisher is one of their 5 stars items. It is an electronic variable-speed dial from 2,500-6,800 orbits per minute which you can vary adjust speed for each stage of your car polishing. With 5.75 pounds give good handling in your hand and it is a good weight when you are polishing the car surface.

It has a better ergonomic design as you can remove and install the handle on the left or right side. We found it is very useful and comfortable for holding with both hands.


It comes with a 6 inches polishing pad, you can use it immediately after unboxing. However, the users complained about the bad quality of this buff pad. Some people said it damaged before they finish polishing their car and need to buy and new pad. We agreed with that as we found the pad is not good enough for this polisher. You should buy better quality pads, at least for the backup. The thread this polisher accepts is 5/16 to 24 spindle thread.

The other annoy thing is the control switch. They should make it easier to adjust the speed with the thumb. The present one is not convenient for many people who always adjust the speeds during polishing.

We Like:

 – Adjustable orbit speed

 – Remove swirls quickly

 – Easy to use, good weight

 – Reasonable price

We Dislike:

 – It is a noisy polisher

 – Speed controller is not located in a good place, not easy to operate.

This product is available at Amazon. Click below link to visit store near you.

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